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Barcode tracking software for rental businesses

Manage your rental inventory with a (mobile) barcode scanner to save time, reduce human error, and increase accountability.

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4.8 overall rating
based on 600+ reviews
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Complete platform with online rental store and mobile app.

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Easy setup with access to support and onboarding specialists.

Know you're giving out the right products

Increase accuracy and reduce human error with a barcode tracking system that ensures fast and flawless equipment checkouts. Your customers will always receive the right rental equipment.

Prepare orders with barcodes
Import barcodes in bulk

Flexible scanning with the mobile app

You can use the built-in barcode scanner of the mobile app or connect a USB scanner to track your equipment. Discover how to the app saves you time when getting started with barcode tracking.

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“Barcode scanning is a must for us, as we manage over 1700 rental products, and we haven't had a single loss. I recommend Booqable to anyone wanting a simple but powerful barcode tracking system.”


Jonathan Andel ・

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from 600+ reviews


Print order packing slips with QR codes

Booqable creates QR codes for every order. Scan the code on your packing slips to quickly pull up order details, so you can prepare equipment in no-time.

Prepare orders with barcodes
Barcode types

Supports your favorite barcode types

Use your existing barcodes, order pre-printed barcodes, or generate barcodes in Booqable. No matter what you do, Booqable supports a variety of barcode types, including EAN-13, Code-128, and QR-codes.

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