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All-in-one rental inventory management software

Whether you receive bookings online, through walk-ins, or any other way, manage your rental inventory in an automated system that keeps everything in check.

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Inventory availability

Know what is available and rented out

Track your products in bulk or with unique product IDs that give you a full usage history. Booqable automatically updates rental inventory availability for both online and manually created orders to prevent double bookings.

Optimize your rental inventory management

Get more out of your rental inventory software by using optimizations specifically designed for rental products.

  • checkmark Create product bundles with items that are commonly rented together to save time preparing.
  • checkmark Add variations to products that come in multiple options, such as different colors, sizes, and more.
  • checkmark Block out padding time between rentals so you can perform product maintenance and checks.
Inventory optimization


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“It is by far the best and cleanest solution for digital inventory and rental management. It is cloud-based and you can access it in every moment.”

Simon Denzler ・ Founder, Point De Vue

You’ll love your new calendar

The calendar gives you a complete overview, so you can zoom in on specific products to optimize your planning and quickly check product availability for any date range.

Inventory calendar

Increase efficiency with barcodes

Create and assign barcodes to your products to improve accuracy and reduce human error. Scan and go allows you to streamline the pick up process and be more efficient when handing out products to customers.

Inventory barcodes

More rental inventory management features

Everything you need to manage rental inventory, right out of the box.

Identifier tracking

Bulk tracking

Consumables & services

Product variations

Real-time availability

Flexible pricing

Inventory history

Barcodes & QR codes

Mobile scanning

Product bundles

Import & export

Locations & transfers

Buffer times

Shortage management

Inventory reports

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