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Increasing Bookings and Inventory Reliability with Marios Store and Rental

Author: Nathan Crossley July 10, 2023 · 3 Min read
Increasing Bookings and Inventory Reliability with Marios Store and Rental

Marios Store and Rental




Camera Rentals


Curitiba, Brazil

Global events significantly impact how businesses operate and the direction people’s careers take. The COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020 and completely changed how Mario Vicente and José Mario operated their photo and video business. They went from offering rentals alongside services to making rentals their full-time business in 2022 and chose Booqable to manage it.

Marios Store and Rental

Mario Vicente and his twin brother José Mario were known as the Mario Bros their entire life, so when it came to starting a business, it only made sense the keep the name. In 2012, they started a photo and video business for events, such as weddings and graduations, in Curitiba, Brazil. As they had a lot of AV equipment, they often rented it to friends and acquaintances.

However, when the pandemic hit in 2020, what started as a side business, would quickly turn into their primary business. The ban on crowding made it impossible to film events for clients, so they began renting out equipment almost full time, alongside assisting with live-streaming events. This was when they created Loja e Loradora dos Marios (Marios Store and Rental).

Over the next two years, they built their reputation and became one of the leading AV rental businesses in the city. By the time 2022 came around, they decided to close their production company and work exclusively as Marios Store and Rental. Since then, they have invested heavily in productivity and processes so they can offer competitive products and prices for customers.

Spreadsheets to software

When the Mario Bros started offering AV equipment rentals, they used spreadsheets to control inventory and bookings. This led to common rental errors, such as double booking products, not knowing where a product is or who has it, missing accessories when customers return products, and being unable to check equipment availability as it was a visual process.

This continued until 2022 when they decided to go full-time with rentals and started looking at ways to optimize their processes. This research led them to Booqable, and once they were familiar with the system, they found that it “solved everything.” Soon, the processes holding them back became a thing of the past, and Booqable became fundamental to their business.

The calendar and inventory management within Booqable helps them to keep track of what is available and where equipment is. During order creation, they can quickly see if products are available, which prevents double bookings. In addition, by creating bundles, they can specify each piece of equipment which helps to prevent accessories from going missing.

Taking over Brazil

The Mario Bros have done a truly fantastic job of building their rental business throughout difficult times. Booqable has helped them to take this to the next level with streamlined processes and online bookings. Marios Store and Rental is the only rental company in their city with online pricing, live availability, and online checkout - leading to increased bookings.

Now that they have established themselves as a significant player in their city’s AV equipment rental market, their sights are set on the rest of Brazil. They plan to serve customers in cities without rental companies with leasing, subscription, and postal services. It’s a big ambition, but if anyone can do it, the Mario Bros certainly have the biggest chance of pulling it off.

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