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Pacific Beach Golf Cart Rentals Brings Fun and Affordable Transport to the Beach

Author: Nathan Crossley November 13, 2023 · 3 Min read
Pacific Beach Golf Cart Rentals Brings Fun and Affordable Transport to the Beach

Pacific Beach Golf Carts




Golf Cart Rentals


San Diego, USA

Aiden Hayes started a rental service for street-legal golf carts in an area with low competition and offered them at affordable prices. When managing his customer information, invoicing, inventory, and bookings, he chose Booqable. He has been using it from the beginning, which has helped him run and grow his business over the past couple of years.

Pacific Beach Golf Cart Rentals

In October 2021, Aiden saw the opportunity to offer a fun way for people to explore Pacific Beach in street-legal golf carts. He decided he would like to start his own rental service, and in October 2021, he officially opened for business. He currently rents out two variations of electric golf carts, a smaller four-person one and a larger six-person one.

The company quickly grew, and he established it as the go-to golf cart rental service for people on vacation in the area. He plans to expand his fleet to help more customers create meaningful memories. He would also like to expand from his current market in San Diego and offer golf cart rentals in Newport, California. He is working towards this goal as he continues growing his business.

One of the most memorable moments he’s experienced recently was a last-minute booking from a customer. They drove there from Phoenix with their father-in-law, who was terminally ill, and one of his last wishes was to visit Pacific Beach one last time. Aiden was happy to accommodate this, even though they wanted the cart delivered outside the normal area. This was one of the most meaningful rentals he has had while running this business, giving meaning to what he does.

Customers, invoices, and rentals

When Aiden planned to start his business, he knew he needed certain things to operate efficiently. He began looking for rental software and was surprised how few do rental periods well until he came across Booqable. It had everything he needed to operate Pacific Beach Golf Cart Rentals how he wanted.

The customer CRM allows him to keep track of customer information, while automatic invoices and emails make it easy to reach these customers. He has also been able to track rentals in the inventory and calendar efficiently. In the end, it saved him a lot of time, helped him organize his information, and led to increased accountability.

In addition, it was easy to set up online bookings on his Squarespace website so that he could receive requests 24/7. He also finds the mobile app intuitive and easy to use when he doesn’t have access to his computer. This has made deliveries easy to manage and track without having to carry his laptop everywhere.

More on the horizon

As mentioned, Aiden is now looking to continue growing his business and expand his offering. Not only at his San Diego location but also at another location in California. Currently, he hires some part-time help, but with this expansion, he hopes to grow his team to be able to manage both locations efficiently with Booqable centralizing his inventory.

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