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Reducing Costs and Growing Revenue with Triangle Baby Gear and Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley March 18, 2024 · 3 Min read
Reducing Costs and Growing Revenue with Triangle Baby Gear and Booqable

Triangle Baby Gear




Baby Gear Rentals


North Carolina, USA

Podcasts have seen an incredible rise in popularity over the last few years. Some offer valuable advice that can lead to success stories like Cathleen Sullivan’s. She heard about starting a baby gear rental business as a side hustle in 2017. Soon after, she began Triangle Baby Gear, and after experiencing high platform fees, she took control of her costs with Booqable in 2021.

Triangle Baby Gear

Cathleen was an avid follower of a side hustle podcast, but none of the ideas seemed to connect with her. That was until she heard about starting a baby gear rental business as a side hustle. Once she heard this, she was immediately filled with ideas. Having raised 3 children, she knows young parents’ troubles with finding affordable baby gear, especially for traveling.

Soon, she was able to start Triangle Baby Gear with the equipment she already had, and her offering has steadily expanded since then. Her customers are generally families visiting Raleigh, North Carolina, and grandparents of visiting families. Typically, they will rent car seats, cribs, etc., to accommodate temporary needs for baby gear. After all, who wants to travel with large and heavy equipment?

Over the last few years, Cathleen has created a nice part-time income from her business. She loves that she can be her own boss and create her schedule around her children’s needs. In addition, helping everyone from young parents to celebrities has been a blessing, and she gets a lot of joy from helping children to be well cared for.

Reducing fees

Cathleen operated through a rental marketplace when she first started Triangle Baby Gear. This platform was great for getting bookings but came with high fees, which made it difficult to grow and reinvest in the business. She felt stuck on the platform until she found out about Booqable. This opened her to the world of creating her own rental website and paying substantially less than she had been beforehand.

She was able to create her own rental website with WordPress and integrate Booqable with the plugin. This allowed her to quickly add products to her website and let customers book and pay online easily. This transformed her business and not only saved her a significant amount in fees, but also saved her a lot of time when it came to managing her rental business.

Growing income

Cathleen has done an incredible job establishing her baby gear rental business over the last few years. She has been able to help hundreds of couples, including celebrities, to travel with their young children. In addition, she has been able to create a nice part-time income, which she is hoping to grow in the coming years. Finally, she has taken control of her own business by switching to Booqable.

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