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AK Paddlesports Provides a Quick and Easy Watercraft Rental Service with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley March 4, 2024 · 3 Min read
AK Paddlesports Provides a Quick and Easy Watercraft Rental Service with Booqable

AK Paddlesports




Watercraft Rentals


Anchorage, USA

Some of the most successful businesses start with a few beers around a fire. Chris Putman and his family have a passion for kayaking and canoeing and one night while spending time with his brother, he decided to start AK Paddlesports. Five years later, it has grown from renting out a few watercraft to over 100. Since 2021, he and his family have used Booqable to take reservations, manage inventory, and accept payments.

AK Paddlesports

Chris and his family have always adored water sports, often taking kayaks and canoes to the local lakes in Chugiak, Anchorage. One night, while sitting around a fire, drinking with his brother, he came up with the idea that they could rent out their equipment when they weren’t using it. He initially didn’t want to make it a business and just thought they would rent them out for a minimal cost.

However, a quick ad on Craigslist to rent kayaks and canoes for families rapidly became a successful business. Over the past few years, he has spent time building up inventory and now offers over 100 watercraft and a wide range of complementary accessories. He runs the business alongside his wife and two teenage children, making AK Paddlesports the only family-run rental business in the area.

Chris credits the business’s success to the hard work his family has put in throughout the first few years. Their proximity to many local lakes has also helped them provide a fast and easy service for locals and tourists alike. They are now focusing on partnering with local Parks and Rec departments to provide onsite rentals at several local lakes.

Managing a growing inventory

When they were advertising on Craigslist, keeping track of equipment and managing payments was simple. However, as their inventory grew, it quickly became apparent a more robust solution would be required. Chris began searching for rental software that would allow him to accept online bookings, track inventory in real-time and take payments easily. After trying many options, he found Booqable to be the best solution.

Now, he and his family can easily see what reservations they have for the current day and what’s coming up. They also do not need to track inventory, as Booqable monitors everything. To ensure this, they make great use of the order workflow in the mobile app to mark reservations as picked up and returned so everything stays up to date.

In addition, Booqable’s website builder has enabled them to create their rental website. This allows them to accept orders and payments online without customers having to call or visit their shop. The culmination of all these features has been significant time-savings when running the business and increased bookings.


Chris and his family have built a highly successful business over the last five years doing something they are all passionate about. They are actively seeking to continue to grow their business by partnering with local Parks and Rec authorities to provide onsite rentals. This will help them take AK Paddlesports to the next level and continue to grow it alongside their family.

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