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Happy Bikes Girona Simplifies Bike Rentals for Hotel Guests with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley May 27, 2024 · 3 Min read
Happy Bikes Girona Simplifies Bike Rentals for Hotel Guests with Booqable

Happy Bikes Girona




Bike rentals


Girona, Spain

Rentals can be a great addition to an established business, whether a retail business or, in the case of Can Bassa, a hotel business. 10 years ago, they started offering their hotel clients bike rentals to allow them to discover the medieval villages in the Girona area. In 2023, they wanted to make it easier for clients to make reservations and chose Booqable as their rental software and website builder.

Happy Bikes Girona

Can Bassa is a renovated 14th-century hotel filled with rustic charm in the medieval village of Madremanya, Costa Brava. In 2013, they saw the opportunity to rent out bikes to their clients. This provided an additional source of income and allowed clients to explore more of the surrounding villages and sights. The rentals have been popular with everyone, from families to amateur cyclists.

Happy Bikes Girona offers a wide range of bikes, from e-bikes to trekking, road, and gravel bikes. This gives clients many options for the style of bike they want to rent and provides a more personalized experience. In addition, this range is always expanding, and they want to offer the most sustainable and ecological way to travel and discover the surrounding areas.

Beyond their own hotel clients, Happy Bikes Girona also supports other hotels and residents in the nearby Empordà area. They have many years of experience working in the area and can recommend everything someone could visit or discover in these areas.

Accepting online bookings

When Can Bassa started offering bike rentals to its clients, it was able to manage bookings manually. However, as it began to expand and support clients from other hotels, it became clear it needed a new solution. They needed a way to make it easy for people to browse their inventory and make reservations. While searching, they came across Booqable, which perfectly suited their needs.

The two-person team at Happy Bikes Girona quickly added their inventory to Booqable and customized everything from the images to pricing. Then, with the built-in rental website builder, they created a website where they could share information about their bikes and allow clients to book online. This helped to provide an easy and friendly way to make bookings without contacting a team member.

The Booqable mobile app has also been a massive time-saver as it allows them to access everything from their phone. They can manage bookings, departures, and arrivals without being near a PC. This has resulted in a better workflow for the rental side of the business, allowing it to function alongside the hotel in perfect harmony.

Saving time

The team at Happy Bikes Girona is very happy with what they have achieved since partnering with Booqable. Not only has it saved them time, but it has also helped them increase bookings. They are hopeful that the software will continue to see improvements that will make their lives easier and save more time in their day-to-day work.

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