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How Ultimate RV Experience Overcame Roadblocks with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley April 26, 2023 · 3 Min read
How Ultimate RV Experience Overcame Roadblocks with Booqable

Ultimate RV Experience




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Vestal, New York

A name like Ultimate RV Experience tells a thousand stories within just a few words. These are precisely the stories Eugene Bublik wanted to tell and help others create when he started his RV rental business. He’s spent the past few years building his business and chose to implement Booqable to assist with inventory management, scheduling, and online bookings.

Ultimate RV Experience

For many years, Eugene and his family have taken vacations in his RV and gained a lot of hands-on experience. In the summer of 2020, amid the pandemic’s peak, he saw the opportunity to share his knowledge with others. As everyone looked for ways to go on vacation while maintaining social distancing, RVs were in high demand, which was perfect timing.

In September 2020, Eugene invested in a few RVs and created his rental business in the heart of Vestal, New York, his hometown. This area is popular with tourists, and many RV parks are around, making it the perfect location to set up shop. He began with a few teardrop trailers to establish demand and validate the profitability of his rental business.

As his business grew, he invested in more motor homes and trailers, greatly expanding his customer base. This was always the goal for Eugene, as he wanted others to have the experiences he’s enjoyed with his family over the years. It brings him and his family great joy to assist others in finding the best RV for their trip, treating each of their customers like they were family.

Overcoming roadblocks

At the beginning of 2021, just a few months into running his business, the number of orders grew rapidly. Eugene quickly found it challenging to keep track of inventory, schedule pickups and dropoffs, and take customer bookings. Soon, he began searching for a software solution that would enable him to be more productive while not adding to his workload.

In April of that year, he came across Booqable. After testing it for a couple of weeks, he found that it did everything he needed to mitigate the challenges he had been facing. First and foremost, tracking inventory became so much easier as he can manage it in one system. The stock is tied to bookings, so he can always see what’s available, due to be picked up, or to be returned.

Thanks to this insight into the availability of his motorhomes and trailers, he can easily schedule pickups and dropoffs. In addition, he has seamlessly integrated online bookings with his Squarespace website, so customers can browse what’s available and be more comfortable and confident. This has led to increased bookings since he started using Booqable.

Planning the next adventure

Eugene loves using Booqable to run his RV rental business and finds it an easy and intuitive platform. The introduction of the mobile has also helped him greatly, as he can dive into orders on the go. Meanwhile, he says, “Customer support has been phenomenal. If there’s an issue, customer support will find the solution.”

Over the next few years, he hopes to open Ultimate RV Experience locations across New York and surrounding states. It would be great if customers didn’t have to return to where they picked their RV up and could drop it off at another location. He believes that Booqable will help him to achieve that goal and is looking forward to utilizing the location feature.

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