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Pro Screen Media Creates Appealing Quotes on the fly with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley April 3, 2023 · 3 Min read
Pro Screen Media Creates Appealing Quotes on the fly with Booqable

Pro Screen Media




AV rentals


Doha, Qatar

When you serve customers in the film rental industry, it is essential to be very organized and available at a moment’s notice. This is something that Ramy Eman has learned over the past decade with Pro Screen Media. A few years ago, he made internal processes more efficient by implementing Booqable to assist with quote generation and inventory management.

Pro Screen Media

In 2008, Ramy Eman co-founded Pro Screen Media in Doha, Qatar, and he managed the business for several years. He remains on the team as a consultant and is very much involved with its operations. Ramy and his business partner wanted it to be the first place anyone goes for a filmmaking crew and equipment in Qatar, with 24/7 support to meet clients’ needs.

Pro Screen Media provides everything a production company would need to complete a project in Qatar. This ranges from filming crew, such as cameramen, gaffers, lighting technicians, and camera assistants, to equipment, including cameras, lights, grips, monitors, microphones, cranes, dollies, and drones, as they are a full-service provider for productions.

Manual fatigue

Over the past decade or so, Pro Screen has changed a lot. Its team, inventory, and client base have evolved significantly, leading to inefficiencies in its processes to come to light. From tracking inventory to double bookings, shortages, and reporting. Keeping on top of everything became stressful, leading to team members’ fatigue.

For a long time, quotes were created manually, each item being inputted individually. This became quite a time-consuming process and led to losing track of quotes. It became difficult to track which quotes were active and what had been sent to customers previously. This affected their ability to keep track of inventory and ensure they had enough available.

In addition, they needed help creating reports about inventory usage and utilization. This led to difficulties in knowing what was rented out more frequently and, therefore, what purchasing decisions to make. Data to inform purchasing decisions is vital to the growth of rental businesses, and without it, future purchases become guesswork based on the team’s experience.

The joys of efficiency

In 2019, after a decade in business, the business had grown to the point where it would greatly benefit from efficiency improvements. Ramy started looking for a software solution that would allow them to manage their inventory, build quotes quickly, and enable clients to make their requests online, leading him to find Booqable and never look back.

Team members can now quickly build quotes for clients with immediate feedback about inventory availability. This makes managing stock levels much more straightforward and balances them with clients’ requirements. They can then send clear and appealing proposals to clients for approval. In addition, it has meant that their inventory is neat and organized.

Booqable’s reporting has also made it easier to get an overview of their product usage and generate reports. This has allowed them to make much more informed purchasing decisions, so they can stock the products in demand and sell the ones that aren’t. Having data to back up purchases has reduced unnecessary spending and increased client satisfaction.

Creating orders on the fly

Thanks to Booqable, Pro Screen Media’s team can create orders on the fly without worrying about whether the stock is available. They have also been able to make better purchasing decisions regarding new equipment and replacements. This has allowed them to grow more quickly without dealing with the pains that used to bother them in the decade previously.

Now, they want to expand into more specialized crew staffing and work with teams on live events. In addition, they are looking forward to the Android mobile app being released so that they can implement barcode scanning.

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