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Rad Rizzi Co. Increases Their Website Conversation Rate with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley April 29, 2024 · 3 Min read
Rad Rizzi Co. Increases Their Website Conversation Rate with Booqable

Rad Rizzi Co.




Golf cart rentals


Florida, USA


There has been a growing trend of people using golf carts for activities outside the golf course. They have become especially popular in coastal cities, helping visitors explore without renting a car. Isaac Hoza picked up on this trend and started his own golf cart rental business in 2020. Since then, he has grown the company and implemented Booqable for online bookings, increasing his conversion rate.

Rad Rizzi

Isaac founded Rad Rizzi in 2020 with a desire to help people explore Delray Beach, Florida while looking cool doing it. He serves a wide range of customers, from families on vacation in the area to bachelorette parties. Recently, he had a customer who rented his entire fleet for her family to take their kids and their friends on a caravan-style trick or treat night.

His golf carts are tricked-out to be party-ready and designed to “elevate your fun”. They can be available at a moment’s notice, which make them fairly unique. If someone is having a good time or planning a good time in the future, Isaac is ready to help them make that experience event better.

Currently, he has four golf carts that he rents out, but he is planning to expand his fleet in the coming months. He also has ambitions to serve customers in states beyond Florida as he sees the potential his business has elsewhere. With summer on the way and beach tourism on the up, he is expecting to have his busiest summer yet!

Increasing conversion rate

When Isaac started Rad Rizzi Co. in 2020, he found much success with getting bookings. However, it soon becam challenging to reliably keep track of booking information and manage customers. So, in 2022, he began his search for a rental software solution that would not only aid his current issues, but also allow him to accept online bookings.

He found Booqable to be the best solution for his needs and it had some unexpected benefits. He was able to get better control over his inventory and insight into his bookings and customers. In addition, it was easy to integrate with his website and allow online bookings with availability and instant booking.

Since adding Booqable to his website, he has seen an increase in the conversion rate of his visitors. He says that the availability calendar and booking interface are so intuitive that people can easily book themselves. Customers have also commented how quick it was for them to create a booking.

More potential

Isaac has done a great job growing his busines over the past few years. He has big ambitions to grow it on another level in the coming years. Thanks to Booqable he has been able to accelerate this growth with better rental management and increase bookings on his website.

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