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Solving Remote Work Equipment Aquisition with

Author: Nathan Crossley June 19, 2023 · 3 Min read
Solving Remote Work Equipment Aquisition with




Office Equipment Rentals


Bali, Indonesia


Remote work was already prevalent, with many young professionals becoming digital nomads. However, the pandemic sent this into overdrive, and now many people find themselves in this position. Leander and Lukas are two such people, and when they struggled to find rental equipment in Bali, they decided to set up a business themselves. They chose Booqable to accept online bookings and manage rental inventory.

In 2021, Leander and Lukas moved to Bali to work remotely, and they needed work equipment since they couldn’t bring it. However, they found that buying it was really expensive, especially since they didn’t plan to spend long periods there. So, they looked for companies where they could rent the necessary equipment in Bali, but they found there were no options.

So, what could they do? Like any budding entrepreneur, they started a rental business for remote workers in Bali. offers everything someone may need working remotely with no gear. They can rent monitors, chairs, desks, and accessories like webcams, mouses, keyboards, routers, and stands to furnish their remote office for affordable rental prices.

Leander and Lukas focussed on creating a service remote workers can rely on, and they have been successful. Many customers return to them regularly to rent equipment. Recently, they opened a warehouse in Bali and hired three full-time workers to prepare and deliver orders. This has allowed the owners to be less hands-on and continue ensure the needs of remote workers are met.

Streamlining bookings and inventory

After soft-launching in 2021, they gained an understanding of the market and customer needs but found themselves running into challenges when it came to managing rentals. Before their official launch in Bali in 2022, they needed to find a solution for offering online bookings and managing rentals. So, along with their website developer, they started looking for a solution.

They tried many options but found Booqable easiest to integrate into their custom website, built with NextJS. They quickly added their inventory and set up advanced pricing rules to achieve their target pricing. From there, they could integrate Booqable with their website and create a streamlined booking experience for both themselves and their customers.

This led to a more streamlined booking workflow and efficient inventory management, saving them much time. Meanwhile, the mobile app has allowed them to monitor orders, add products, check notes, and scan product barcodes from their phones. This has made the process easier to manage while increasing bookings, especially as they grow their team.

Big ambitions

Leander and Lukas have managed to create a successful remote work equipment rental business and have big ambitions. They want to take globally, and open locations in the top remote work cities worldwide to help more digital nomads. Their roadmap includes Bangkok, Lisbon, Cape Town, Mexico City, and Berlin, among others.

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