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Preparing to Launch Scottsdale Old School Bicycle Rentals with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley February 20, 2023 · 3 Min read
Preparing to Launch Scottsdale Old School Bicycle Rentals with Booqable

Scottsdale Old School Bicycle Rentals




Bike Rentals


Scottsdale, AZ

When you set your mind to a goal, you can achieve anything. After retiring, Craig Malley started working in a local bike shop and saw the need for visitor bike deliveries. He spent much time planning his rental business and finally launched in early 2023. On the advice of his web developer, he utilized Booqable for his rental website and inventory and booking management.

Scottsdale Old School Bicycle Rentals

After his retirement, Craig began working in a bike shop as he wished to continue working part-time. Several months into working at the shop, he began to see a need from customers visiting the city for a bike delivery service. He noticed that a lot of visitors coming to the city didn’t have a way to pick up bicycles from a shop, and many needed a car to pick them up.

This was when he had the idea to start his own bike rental business that offered deliveries and pickups. Over the summer and fall of 2022, he intently planned everything he needed for his business, from the types of bikes and equipment he would rent out to creating business partnerships, insurance, legal documents, branding, social media, advertising, and his website.

In early 2023, he launched his bike rental business and offered hybrid and cruiser bikes, helmets, locks, and other accessories. As his shop offers deliveries and pickups, he has been able to stand out from local competitors who only offer pickups. This has been a unique selling point for tourists visiting the area and has made it much easier for them to rent a bike.

Getting ready to launch

While Craig could get many things in place that he needed to launch his company, the final piece of the puzzle was his website and management system. He discussed this with his web developer, and after much research, he was introduced to Booqable as the solution to his needs. This was mainly due to offering everything he needed to get started and the ease-of-use.

Once introduced, he quickly found that it was the all-in-one solution he was looking for to help him get off the ground quickly. He could easily learn the workflow, add his products, connect payments, and set up his rental website. Craig is also fond of the iOS app, which allows him to review bookings and customer information for deliveries without accessing his laptop.

His website developer created a rental website with Booqable that meets his needs and gives customers an easy booking experience. He achieved this in a much shorter time than usual because the website builder is tightly integrated with administrative features. He was delighted with this fact as it allowed him to launch earlier than anticipated.


Marketing and growth

Now that Craig has launched his rental business, he has big plans for the future, starting with marketing. He is looking to expand his advertising, grow his social media presence, and optimize his website with SEO. This will help him spread word of mouth for his business and make it easier for tourists to find his business whether they search on Google or social media channels.

The success of these plans will allow him to expand the range and volume of bikes he offers. As well as help him to increase bookings and therefore increase revenue. It seems Craig isn’t entirely done with work just yet, and Scottsdale Old School Bike Rentals is proof that it is never to late to start a business and start a new journey.

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