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How Masta Trailers Modernized a 30 Year Old Family Business with the Booqable API

Author: Nathan Crossley September 8, 2021 · 3 Min read
How Masta Trailers Modernized a 30 Year Old Family Business with the Booqable API

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A lot has changed at Masta Trailers over the past 30 years since it was founded, and the last five years have seen the most development for the company. They have gone from building their trailers to offering an extensive range of parts from other brands. This was managed by a bespoke piece of software that was limiting, so they switched to Booqable.

Renting out trailers requires deep knowledge and understanding of how they work and their uses. Not every customer will know how to operate a trailer properly, and businesses offering them need to fill these gaps. Trailers are often rented to customers who require them for construction work but can be used for various other uses.

Masta Trailers

Masta Trailers is family-run and was founded by Paul Aarts in 1983 when it began life as a trailer sales and rental business. For over thirty years, it maintained a stable income stream, but customers’ changing needs meant that it had to expand. They now offer a selection of trailers but have grown their business to include parts that they sell and rent out from other popular manufacturers.

The range of trailers they rent out includes small box trucks for private customers taking waste to the recycling center and car trailers for businesses that need to transport cars. Alongside, closed trailers for those moving houses and a more extended 9-meter trailer that can be used for transporting much bigger items. They also rent out cargo nets, tension straps, hand trucks, and road plates.

Keep track of trailers

As you can imagine, Masta Trailers relied on pen and paper to keep track of orders for many years. This made sense when computers weren’t so common, but in the early 2000s, they switched to a bespoke piece of software. Unfortunately, this software was very limited, and it was difficult to keep track of their rentals as it only had capacity for 12 trailers and no online functionality.

In 2015, they switched to Booqable as one of its earliest adopters, and they haven’t looked back since. They are now able to manage a fleet of 40 trailers and as many accessories. This is thanks to being able to manage unlimited items within Booqable and having the ability to add and remove products at will. In addition, this has enabled them to test which trailers are in demand and which ones they shouldn’t be stocking.

Booqable API

The Booqable API has enabled Masta Trailers to offer extended opening hours without having to be on location. So, they can provide rental pickups and returns outside of their regular business hours - something their customers are pleased about. In addition, the clear calendar view enables them to quickly have an overview of when and where bookings take place and optimize their processes.

Masta Trailers has received enormous positive feedback from its customers since integrating Booqable with its online store. Most of them applaud the possibility of returning trailers up until 10 pm, as regular business hours can be limiting when you don’t know how long you need a trailer for. They also have had customers rescheduling their work until the correct trailer is available, thanks to the availability statuses that show online when a customer goes to make a booking.

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