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Classy Confetti Inflatables Creates Fairytale Experiences with Bounce Houses

Author: Nathan Crossley April 2, 2024 · 3 Min read
Classy Confetti Inflatables Creates Fairytale Experiences with Bounce Houses

Classy Confetti Inflatables




Bounce House Rentals


Georgia, USA

It can be frustrating when you’re looking for something but can’t find it. Many people have experienced this; some probably think they can start a business to offer it themselves, but few go through with it. Cody and Caroline Barrett are rare people who have followed through and created their own rental business, Classy Confetti Inflatables. When they found themselves in need of a website and inventory management system, they started using Booqable.

Classy Confetti Inflatables

In the summer of 2023, Cody and Caroline searched for a rental business in Atlanta offering modern white bounce houses for one of his daughter’s birthday parties. However, they struggled to find one in their area and felt this was a need that could be addressed with a new business. So, they thought, “Why don’t we start a company offering them for rent?” and the idea was born.

Soon after, they bought the bounce house they needed for their daughter’s party and a few others. These became the foundational inventory for Classy Confetti Inflatables. They began offering different sizes of white bounce houses. As Caroline is a Disney enthusiast, they named each of their offerings after Disney characters. This has also been a great marketing move for the business.

Classy Confetti Inflatables mainly caters to families who rent out their bounce houses for weddings, birthdays, and events. While most bounce houses were pristine white as intended, they have since started offering black and pink ones alongside them. They have also expanded to balloon archers, backdrops, and marquee letters as part of their themed events offerings.

A beautiful rental website

In the early days of the business, they didn’t have a website, a system for managing inventory, or a way to reach more customers. So, they began looking for a rental system that would allow them to create a beautiful rental website, manage their inventory, and help them reach more customers. Their search led them to Booqbable and they haven’t looked back since.

For their website, they decided to use Booqable’s built-in website builder to create their online booking experience. They chose the Celebrate theme, which provided the perfect base for their rental website. They were easily able to customize it with their content and get up and running quickly. This has led to increased visibility and bookings for their bounce houses.

In addition, the inventory management system in Booqable has enabled them to keep accurate track of stock. This has saved them significant time as they know exactly what they have available and can plan their activities effectively. The tight integration with their website also means that customers always have the most accurate information when browsing.

Expanding into more areas

Cody and Caroline are happy with their growing rental business and hope to expand into more areas soon. They currently serve Atlanta and some of the surrounding areas but would love to grow even more. In addition, they hope to increase revenue to make Classy Confetti Inflatables into their full-time income. This will allow them the freedom to invest even more time into growing the business.

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